Subdivision Names

Cortina at Villa Lago at the Promontory
Cortina at Villa Lago
at the Promontory

Espirit at Dublin Station
Espirit at Dublin Station

Windsong at Madeira East
Windsong at Madeira East

One of the things I love about the area that I live and work in is the names of our neighborhoods. Places like Westbrae, Thousand Oaks and Rockridge have these names because they actually mean something (i.e Westbrae is in West Berkeley, Rockridge for actual outcroppings of rock, Thousand Oaks really is oak-studded). Compare this to such places as “El Sol at Palmilla”, or “Villa Lago at the Promontory”, or “Esprit at Dublin Station”, and “Windsong at Madeira East.” Gag me! When asked where you live, how could anyone answer these places with a straight face?

How do you know you’re not in Berkeley?

When you see this address:
8113 War Glory Place
And for all its Glory, the house for sale at this address in Pleasanton had its original asking price of $3,250,000 defeated, and has now surrendered to an asking price of just $2,999,000.

glory war

P.S. While it is probably obvious that I don’t think war is glorious at all, I actually woke up in the middle of the night with the thought that “War Glory” might have a slightly less ominous pedigree.  A groggy stumble over to my computer proved me right.  War Glory is also the name of a race horse from 1930.  But still…


Average Commission Rate in Berkeley

You’ve heard the expression: “It’s not what you make. It’s what you keep that matters.” This is especially true in real estate. It’s not just the sales price that a Seller should care about, but also what gets deducted from the sales price. These are known as closing costs, By far, the single biggest deduction is the agent’s commission.

According to the local MLS, 612 homes sold in Berkeley in 2013, and the average commission charged was 5.34% with an average sales price of $841,000. Since the Realty Advocates commission is, at most, 4.5%, that means the average Berkeley Seller that didn’t list with us lost $7,570 off their bottom line.

Since our founding in 1986, Realty Advocates has consistently delivered the very highest sales prices on our listings along with the lowest commissions. Now that is VALUE! Check out our reviews on

New Website

Today we launch the revised Realty Advocates website. Along with a new look, the site features the latest search tools and other resources to assist both Sellers and Buyers in their real estate needs.

We hope you like it, and welcome your continued use and feedback.

Brett Weinstein, Broker